The “Thousand Yen View” in Fuji Five Lakes Area

The 1000 yen bank note is probably the currency denomination that you find yourself using the most in Japan. What you might vaguely recall about […]

Tokyo Then and Now: Photos from Past Centuries

Tokyo is an ever-changing landscape and nothing brings this point across than a comparison of photos from the past with the present. Below are 16 […]

Sanshiro Pond – Soseki, Nature and Crayfish

Found in a central part of Tokyo, Sanshiro Pond is a spot of nature often missed by tourists. The pond has a significant place in […]

7 Record-Breaking Locations to Visit in Tokyo

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10 Unique (or Weird) Part-time Jobs Found in Japan

In Japan, the German term arbeit (アルバイト – arubaito, or baito in short) is used to refer to part-time jobs. While there are a variety of […]

54 Must-Visit Places in Japan As Recommended By Locals [PART 3]

The following list is a continuation of these posts: PART 1 and PART 2. Tokushima 40. Shoben Kozo of Iya Valley (祖谷渓の小便小僧) – Located in a difficult […]

Ramen topped with one of the spiciest chillies in the world @ 「仁」

I chanced upon this ramen joint called 「仁」 (which I presume is read as “jin”) during a rainy day and had a pretty interesting experience. […]

54 Must-Visit Places in Japan As Recommended By Locals [PART 2]

 The following list is a continuation of this post. Shizuoka 23. Nukumori no mori (浜名湖 ぬくもりの森) – Local architect Sasaki started building this ‘village’ around 20 […]