Mother Farm – A Fantastic Family Day Out

Owing to its relative distance from central Tokyo, Mother Farm is a less-known attraction. It is definitely underrated given that the farm has activities for everyone in the family – including the family dog!

A Breath of Fresh Air

The first thing that one realize upon arriving at Mother Farm is the fresh air. Located at an elevation of 350 meters on Mount Kano, Mother Farm provides a stunning view of the Boso Peninsula and Tokyo Bay.

Green vegetation, undulating hills and the shimmering sea.

The grounds of the farm are extensive and there are areas for daycamping, picnicking, or otherwise just laying in the grass and taking in nature.

Wide expanses for daycamping or lazing around

Pretty Flowers

The farm is also known for its flower fields. Depending on the time of the year, you could potentially see yellow fields, pink fields, red field or blue fields.

Petunias in bloom
Calendar showing the optimal period for viewing each type of flower

Farm Animals

What is a farm without farm animals? Apart from seeing various farm animals, there are also activities where one could engage with the animals.

Among those activities are milking cows, riding horses, petting animals such as rabbits, capybaras and lambs, and racing with piglets.

Cow milking experience
Petting enclosure
Kids get to race with piglets

There are also shows from time to time, including sheep shearing, dog shows and duck parades.

Sheep shearing and display

Duck parade

One of the first things you should do when arriving at Mother Farm, is to get tickets for the Farm Tour. A tractor train will bring you through farming facilities that cannot be accessed otherwise. Along the way, you will get to feed animals like goats, sheeps, and even alpacas!

The farm tour area
Alpaca feeding and appreciation