Sanshiro Pond – Soseki, Nature and Crayfish

If you go on a weekend or public holiday, you might see people gathering around a wooden bridge fishing for crayfish, mostly made up of families on a family outing.

Families using fishing rods made from branches and strings) to catch crayfish
A boy showing us his prized catches
The same bridge on a quieter day. Shusuke Kasamatsu (CC license)

If you are lucky, you might be able to catch some traditional Japanese archery (弓道 – kyudo) practitioners training at the dojo along one of the paths leading out from the trail.

A kyudo dojo (traditional Japanese archery training hall)

If you ever get bored of the city and want a nice natural retreat without having to travel all the way out to Hakone or something… consider popping by the University of Tokyo (Hongo Campus) to visit the Sanshiro Pond. There are several entrances to the University of Tokyo Hongo Campus listed on the map below. If you are coming from Ueno Park, there is a little back gate which is within walking distance. The nearest train stations are:

  • Nezu (Chiyoda Line)
  • Todaimae (Nanboku Line)
  • Hongo-sanchome (Oedo and Marunouchi Lines)