Layout and accessibility of train and subway stations in Tokyo

The rail transportation system of Tokyo is often said to be very convenient and efficient. This is certainly accurate most of the time. However, sometimes, […]

Saving on Taxi Fares in Tokyo

It is not a secret that taxis in Japan go by┬árelatively expensive metered rates. While the flag-down fee varies from prefecture to prefecture, the subsequent […]

Travelling To and From the Airports in Tokyo

Taxi Very few seasoned tourists in Japan would resort to taking taxis to travel to/from the airport. The main reason is the sheer costliness, especially […]

Cycling in Tokyo

It is not uncommon to find many cyclists on the roads in Tokyo… From mothers ferrying children in their electric-powered mamacharis* to salarymen sweating it […]

Estimating taxi fares in Japan

This is a nifty website I use to estimate taxi fares whenever I feel the need to cab around. As the site is entirely in […]