8 Reasons To Visit the Nezu Shrine in Tokyo

1. It has a long history While the current shrine grounds has “only” been around since the mid-1600s (it was previously located in nearby Sendagi), its […]

Ramen topped with one of the spiciest chillies in the world @ 「仁」

I chanced upon this ramen joint called 「仁」 (which I presume is read as “jin”) during a rainy day and had a pretty interesting experience. […]

Koishikawa Botanical Gardens

Tucked between Hakusan and Myogadani stations is a serene garden frequented by locals living in the area. Koishikawa Boatanical Gardens (not to be confused with […]

Denzuin (伝通院)

Happened to chance upon this beautiful temple in a part of Tokyo not frequented by tourists. Beautiful autumn leaves and a serene environment. View Larger Map […]

Panoramic view of Tokyo – minus the crowd

There are several well-known places for enjoying a panoramic view of Tokyo such as the Sky Tree, Tokyo Tower, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in […]