10 Unique (or Weird) Part-time Jobs Found in Japan

6. Oshiya (押し屋)

‘Sardine packers’ at work.

This is a job that I really want to try out – shoving people into trains. While this job used to be exclusive to rail workers, it is now increasingly taken up by part-timers. To be fair, these oshiya are only needed during peak hours at specific popular train lines.

7. Narabiya (並び屋)

The orderly queues often found in Japan. Source: http://www.xn--l8je4c7b.com/

Narabiya are freelancers who specialise in queuing in place of others. Be it EXILE concert tickets or a copy of the latest game from Square Enix or a spot for a nice picnic during the cherry blossoms season, these part-timers would gladly trade their time for your money.

8. “White Hands” Sexual Care Staff

A drawing session with a nude model. Source: http://www.whitehands.jp/

White Hands, according to their official website, is “a nonprofit organization that is working to resolve the issue of disability and sexuality in Japan”. Among the part-time remunerated positions available are care staff that offer “ejaculation help” (for specific disabilities) and nude models for drawing sessions catered to the disabled.

9. Rental boyfriend 

Probably more ‘obedient’ than the usual boyfriend. Source: http://www.j-channel.jp/

Fancy a romantic date at Tokyo Disneyland? Or just want to lie in the arms of a man? Boyfriend rental services are taking off in Japan and shopping for one is as easy as shopping on Amazon. The part-time boyfriends get paid a hefty sum for their services too.

10. Part-time helper on the top of Mount Fuji

“Check out the view from my desk”. Source: http://pub.ne.jp/soyonao/

What could be a more unique part-time job than working in a mountain hut (山小屋 – yamagoya) on the 8th Station of the revered Mount Fuji, some 3,000 metres above sea level? The job includes boarding, three meals, transportation subsidies and a daily allowance.

And that wraps up the list of 10 unique (or weird) part-time jobs found in Japan!