Recent Prepaid Card Scam via ‘LINE’ Identity Theft and Funny Responses

A recent spate of identity thefts of LINE users has been reported in Japan. Even celebrities have not been spared, as Riisa Naka found out […]

Tanabata Festival

Summer is on its way and that means the start of many festivals (祭 – matsuri) once again. One of the upcoming ones is the Tanabata […]

5 Cool Drinks to Try in Japan

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Sanshiro Pond – Soseki, Nature and Crayfish

Found in a central part of Tokyo, Sanshiro Pond is a spot of nature often missed by tourists. The pond has a significant place in […]

10 Unique (or Weird) Part-time Jobs Found in Japan

In Japan, the German term arbeit (アルバイト – arubaito, or baito in short) is used to refer to part-time jobs. While there are a variety of […]

5 Things You Can Do With A 500 Yen Coin in Tokyo

The 500 yen coin used in Japan is one of the world’s largest coin denominations in terms of monetary value (its rival being the Swiss […]

Buying Tickets In (and Outside) Japan – An English Guide

I wouldn’t call myself a ticketing expert and there are definitely ways to get hold of tickets that I’m not familiar with. Hence I shall […]

All About Hakone

Hakone is an extremely popular destination for both tourists and Tokyoites. Part of the reason is the stark contrast it offers to the concrete jungle […]