Visiting Japan – Viral Videos From 2016

Here are some of the most stunning videos from 2016 about traveling in Japan.


Beppu City’s SpaAmusement Park Project

This video of a spa amusement park from Beppu City was a work of imagination which officials promised to deliver if the youtube video reached 1 million views. There are now 3 million views as the time of this post! An opening date (29 July 2017) has also been decided!



Tradition Meets The Future

One of the truly amazing features of Japan is the blend of its past and present. This video showcases some of the key elements of this charm of Japan.


Kusatsu Onsen in 4K

Nature and rustic lifestyle combine to bring forth the charms of Japanese lifestyle hidden away from busy cities.



Tohoku in 4K

Not to be outdone by Kusatsu, Tohoku also has a promotional video in 4K.



Street Food from Japan

Don’t watch this on an empty stomach.