Hilarious Twitter exchange involving Domino’s Pizza Japan and a potential customer

In this day and age, social media can bring about quick marketing wins but also huge PR disasters. Remember Microsoft Bing’s we-will-donate-only-if-you-retweet campaign during the 2011 Tohoku tragedy? In the following hilarious exchange, while we don’t exactly see an official account crash and burn, someone was definitely left red-faced.

It all started when Twitter user Neeno casually tweeted that she wanted to have a taste of a Domino’s pizza…

I wanna try a Domino’s pizza…

The marketer managing Domino’s Japan’s Twitter account saw a golden opportunity to engage a potential customer and the Twitter crowd…

We are definitely waiting for your order [waving kaomoji]

The marketer was definitely not waiting for the following response from Neeno though, who attached a screenshot to her tweet…

Is it really OK for me to make an order? Will you really deliver the order to me piping hot? [Image shows that the nearest Domino’s store is 849 km away]


Clearly aware of how silly his earlier suggestion sounded, the Domino’s Japan account handler had no choice but to apologize, adding a kaomoji (Japanese text emoticon) to express sincerity.

so…sorry… [kaomoji bowing in apology]

Neeno wasted no time after this, requesting for Domino’s Japan to bring back their business operations to Hokkaido.

Please bring your business in Hokkaido back to life

A quick check of Domino’s Pizza’s store locator shows the grim reality – Hokkaido is the only region in Japan with no Domino’s stores at present.


Hokkaido Twitter users 1 Domino’s JP 0