Netizens compete to create the plainest Tokyo Olympics logo possible

In light of the recent plagiarism scandal surrounding the 2020 Tokyo Olympics logo, some concerned Japanese netizens have offered their professional help for a replacement logo. Another bunch of netizens, who are creative in their own ways, decided to compete to see who could make the plainest* (or ugliest?) possible emblem for the Tokyo Olympics.

*the adjective used is ダサい (dasai), a colloquial term use to describe something that is plain or unsophisticated (and probably more). If anyone tells you that Japanese adjectives are easy to translate, get them to explain 渋い (shibui) to you.

The first attempts published on Twitter were rather mild (Twitter handle below images):




Then someone had the brilliant idea of using the ancient craft of Microsoft WordArt and it started to go from bad to worse:







Some decided that the winning formula was to use existing logos… and how better to start than with the chain store with the same name (Olympic):






To be fair, some users still had minimum standards:




And this has gotta be the winner:


What do you think?

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