Free Starbucks Wifi in Japan

Everyone loves free stuff. Everyone loves the internet. The love for FREE INTERNET cannot possibly be explained in words.

In Japan, you can experience it for yourself at most Starbucks outlets. Imagine sipping away at your dark mocha frappuccino while surfing for pictures of cats in public.

How do I get access to the free wifi?

First, you need to register with a valid email address. Ironically, this cannot be done without an existing internet connection. Hence, do the registration at home or snatch someone else’s cell phone if you are already in a Starbucks joint.

Registration can done in English HERE.

You will then receive a confirmation email containing a verification link. As with all verification links… click on it. Now you are part of the elite group of Starbucks Wifi Surfers.

Where can I use the free wifi?

Either look for the sign below… or search the list of available outlets HERE (in Japanese). If you are having difficulty searching in Japanese, scroll on the marked map for Tokyo or Osaka instead.

The SSID (or wifi name in layman’s term) is  at_STARBUCKS_Wi2 . Simply connect to it. When you open your browser, you will be prompted to enter the email and password you supplied earlier. Profit.

* Feature image courtesy of Starbucks&Pig @ Beppu (CC License)