The Broccoli Terror Incident (ブロッコリーテロ事件)

The Broccoli Terror Incident occurred at the University of Tokyo (Hongo Campus) some 3 years back (on 9th September 2011) and remains a mystery till this day.

Long story short (tl;dr):

  • Someone / some group organized the ‘act’ by recruiting members over Twitter on the night before the event
  • The following day at noon, numerous bicycles were found with their saddles removed (and placed in baskets), and in place of the saddles were single pieces of broccoli stuffed into the shaft
  • Each broccoli was accompanied by a statement of intent affixed to the bike handle
  • The purpose was unknown, but a victim stood up in the face of terror, cooking the broccoli and documenting the process on Twitter
  • Many believe that the incident was motivated an anime that featured similar gags, broadcasted just a week before
The aftermath
Statement of intent. Source: @Akino254
A victim's brave response
A victim’s brave response. Source: @nakashima723