5 Cool Drinks to Try in Japan

Japan is well-known for its unique cuisine and beverages are not an exception. Here are some interesting drinks to try out while you are in Japan. […]


Ramen topped with one of the spiciest chillies in the world @ 「仁」

I chanced upon this ramen joint called 「仁」 (which I presume is read as “jin”) during a rainy day and had a pretty interesting experience. […]


List and Map of Michelin 3-Star Restaurants in Tokyo

Here are the list and map of Michelin 3-Star Restaurants in Tokyo (2014). No prizes for guessing why most of the sushi restaurants are located […]


[Snippet] McDonald’s Japan Needs Help With New Tonkatsu McBurger

Apparently, McDonald’s Japan is seeking for developers of a new sauce for the Tonkatsu McBurger. Winners stand a chance to appear on a television commercial:


Furusato Matsuri (ふるさと祭り) – An Epic Food and Cultural Fest

Tokyo Dome, a huge indoor stadium taking up 28 acres of prime land, is famous for its baseball games and huge concerts. Once a year in […]