6 Crazy Reasons that Lead To Train Delays in Japan

Trains are known to be extremely punctual in Japan. However, no system is perfect and the occasional delay does occur, usually due to accidents, passenger […]


Hot Video of the ageHa Summer 2016 Carnival in Tokyo

A peek into the ageHa Summer Carnival in Tokyo via a video contributed by a fellow Tokyoite.

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Netizens compete to create the plainest Tokyo Olympics logo possible

In light of the recent plagiarism scandal surrounding the 2020 Tokyo Olympics logo, some concerned Japanese netizens have offered their professional helpĀ for a replacement logo. […]


Tokyo to be Featured in Disney’s Upcoming Marvel Animated Movie “Big Hero 6”

The urban streetscape of Tokyo will form part of the inspirationĀ for the city of San Fransokyo (no prizes for guessing the other city involved) in […]


Recent Prepaid Card Scam via ‘LINE’ Identity Theft and Funny Responses

A recent spate of identity thefts of LINE users has been reported in Japan. Even celebrities have not been spared, as Riisa Naka found out […]